My Work


My main activity is work as Photographer and Graphic Designer

My work tries to show how the picture extends beyond its own limits and often subjective account of a story about the effects of human interaction. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is made to cast the realms of our imagination.

This series focus on communication inability used to demonstrate the reality, the attempt at dialogue, the dissonance between form and content and the dysfunctions of language. In short, the lack of clear references are key elements at work.

Contesting the division between the realm of memory and the field of experience, it creates through intense imagination of processes which can be seen explicitly as a ritual to intuitively understand what is hidden.

By merging several seemingly incompatible worlds in a new universe, I try to understand this language. Transformed art, language becomes an ornament. At that time, lots of ambiguities and lack of distinction, which are inherent to the phenomenon, come to the surface.

My Pictures are in the category of iPhoneography, made with an iPhone, and edited with iPad Air.